26-28 March 2018
Stuttgart, Germany
Europe/Berlin timezone

Mini Symposium 1

Material Design: Multi-scale and Multi-field Simulations of Materials


Monday, 26 March 2018

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Campus Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Pfaffenwaldring 47

Room 47.05


Data-driven Design of Multi-scale Materials and Structures

Miguel Bessa, Delft University of Technology

Data-driven research has the potential for groundbreaking achievements in the design of materials and large-scale engineering structures. However, these approaches to design are limited by the substantial computational expense of building large databases, especially when modeling irreversible processes such as plasticity and damage. A new computational framework integrating the recently developed self-consistent clustering analysis method is shown to address this longstanding challenge, opening avenues to the discovery of innovative materials with new capabilities in an era of high-throughput computing (“big-data”).


Postertrack contributions:

Tobias Willerding (PP1.002); Jim Magiera (PP1.003); Lukas Ostrowski (PP1.007); Daniel Vallicotti (PP1.008); Sami Bidier (PP1.009); Philipp Rehner (PP1.010); Matthias Rambausek (PP1.011); David Kreplin (PP1.012); Marco Salvalaglio (PP1.013); Dennis Rapp (PP1.015); Anand Krishnamoorthy (PP1.016).




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