26-28 March 2018
Stuttgart, Germany
Europe/Berlin timezone

Concepts and Topics

At the Stuttgart Cluster of Excellence in Simulation Technology over 200 scientists are currently conducting their manifold research in the field of simulation sciences. The Cluster‘s areas of research coincide with the main topics at SimTech 2018:

  • Multi-scale and Multi-field Simulations of Materials
  • High Performance Simulations across Computer Architectures
  • Dynamical Systems: Reduction, Optimization and Control
  • Coupled Problems in Biomechanics and Systems Biology
  • Multi-phase and Multi-physics Modelling
  • Simulation Cyber Infrastructure and Beyond
  • Reflexion and Contextualisation

The above-mentioned topics bring together mathematicians with biochemists, engineers with chemists, computer scientists with sociologists, and physicists with philosophers. SimTech 2018 is a major platform for advancing exchange amongst researchers from different fields within the international community. In Keynote Lectures, leading scientists introduce current ideas from the world of simulation technology.

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